Vienna, one of the top 3 touristic destination

Vienna, Austria’s capital city and former imperial seat of the Habsburg Monarchy, is a city of music, art, architecture, history; and of churches and theatres, and where Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and the family Strauss composed and made music!

Vienna with its famous landmarks annually attracts millions of tourists who are fascinated by the city’s charms.  The Viennese State Opera is an institution in itself and has become world-renowned.  Furthermore, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has a world-wide audience who each year eagerly await their now famous New Year’s concert.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in the centre of the town, is surrounded by historical buildings.  The Hofburg Palace is one of the most visited places in Vienna and contains the “Sissi Museum”, the Silver Collection, the Treasury, the National Library, the Butterfly House, and the “Albertina” museum.

Opposite the Hofburg, the twin museums of art and natural history are presided over by the statue of Maria Teresa set in ornamental gardens.  Nearby is the Austrian Parliament, the City Hall and the University.  To the west of the city, the picture of Vienna is rounded off by the impressive Schönbrunn Palace with its staterooms, parks, fountains, ornamental gardens and zoo.

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