Accommodation Viena Lucinel – Last Minute 1 May

International Day of the working people – May 1 – is this year, extremely generous with those who earn their daily bread by the work and not by speculation or inheritance …

An extended weekend of 4 or more days off, for those who have managed to obtain before or after a holiday break from work, or for people who stopped work and spend their vacation just now !

Vienna is the preferred choice this time of Romanian tourists, especially those from Transylvania, which due to the short distance traveled by car within hours reach the Austrian capital, where spend some beautiful days or even longer vacation, and  visit major sightseeing around Vienna.

Some of these targets deserve particular attention tourists eager to visit Vienna and the surrounding city, once the imperial …

  • Melk Abbey, located at 100 km from Vienna and was established since 1089 by Benedictine monks, has become over the centuries, although  arson, destruction due to wars, repeated sieges, an important spiritual and cultural center and in 2000 with the Wachau was declared a heritage of world culture! Details: Melk
  • Göttweig Abbey, called the Austrian Montecassino, located at the exit of the Danube Gorge, 449 m high above the town of Krems, in the same period in Melk Benedictine founded, it is no less the greatness and beauty … details: Göttweig
  • Monastery Mayerling, where a great tragedy that shook the final peace and succession to the throne of the Habsburg family …
  • Lichtenstein Castle mentioned since 1136, area of ​​the kingdom of the same name … Details: Lichtenstein
  • Lake underground Seegrote, a huge expanse of water below ground, “Venice Underground”, the former gypsum mine that following a routine detonation, is flooded with 20 million cubic meters of water a large ice cavitalile neighbor mine … Details: Seegrotte
  • Laxemburg Castle, Habsburg property in 1333, is the second summer residence after  Schönbrunn…
  • Schlosshof Castle, which belonged to the early 18th century Prinz Eugen of Savoy, was bought from the heirs of Maria Theresa to give loved husband, Emperor Franz I. Details: Schlosshof
  • Fortress Hainburg built by Heinrich 3rd in 1055, has seen rising famous. During the inquisition was a outdoor scene of the transgression committed, where thousands of women accused of being witches were burned at the stake without trial  … As divine punishment in 1683 the Turks destroyed it completely, and the population is slaughtered mercilessly … then partly rebuilt, is the subject of many atrocities
  • Fortress and archeological center Petronell- Carnuntum , the first civilized settlement on the territory of Austria, built by  Tiberius, during the reign of Augustus, where the Roman army in search of food and wine on the Danube rose to Veduria, a settlement of Celtic , where they established a fort and a garrison Vindobona calling it … today Vienna ! Perhaps Germanic populations which subsequently settled in the area after the fall of Western Roman Empire, could not pronounce  Vindobona completly and those name remain  “Vin” ,  written today by germans  “Wien”… maybe that explains the pronunciation of the city name  Vienna !!