Asandi Simion, a sculptor of genius, master of fine arts!

April 26, 2011 – admin

Each of us has a special talent, a strong call to something inexpressible… the way to ourselves is most difficult and often hard to find … Luckily for Romanian sculpture and decorative arts, an exceptional artist – Simion Asandi – found from early childhood the way to the very soul … In his father woodcarving shop – Simion Asandi-senior, discovered for the first time wood and chisel … “Simi” as spoiled older brother Sorin Asandi-World Champion Kickboxing -!, was born into a family with deep traditional handicraft.

Asandi grandfather George, who lived about 20 km away, in a place of dreams, where they spent together with other cousins ​​Simon’s with great pleasure holidays, was highly appreciated in the master blacksmith.  Besides horses, oxen, “pulling” (sharpen) axes, and repair of all tools and household tools of the time (wagons, plows, etc.) grandfather performs large wrought iron (gates, fences, railings, doors, etc.). Also, and probably hence the “seed” its creative artistic descendants, “Grandpa” made wagons, carriages and harness, without plans or drawings on paper!

This requires extensive knowledge and high skill in the field of wood and iron equally … Every cart or carriage was a uniqueand very particular.

Simion Asandi, excellent sculptor, received the dowry creative and lifted a high-performance artistic heights. His work, unique by nature, are made of almost every material known today. Many take pride in the inner parts “Asandi” already considered works of art and have a growing value, also are numerous sculptures on display in some cities in Romania.

Details about the work and the artist’s works can be found here:

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Vienna, April 26, 2011

Lucian Asandi