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Dracula is back

Dracula castle

Dracula from Transylvania ! Dracula ist 165 years  old ! So many years have passed since the novel “Dracula” was presented to the public On the 8th of November, exactly 165 years ago, Bram Stoker was born, the Irish autor … more >

Life Ball Vienna

Life Ball Vienna 2013 –  A big charity event Life Ball Vienna is considered to be one of the biggest charity events in Europe, dedicated to supporting people with AIDS or HIV. Life Ball Vienna is organized by AIDS LIFE, a … more >

Vienna Opera Ball 2013

  Vienna Opera Ball 2013 The Vienna Opera Ball 2013 was an event which takes place like every year at Vienna. Along with the New Year’s Concert, the Vienna Opera Ball 2013 was one of the events that take place in the … more >

Viennale 2012 is inviting you now !

Vienna is inviting you to the movies   Film fans who are in Vienna, between October 25th  and the 7th of November will be delighted to hear that the 50th edition of Viennale Film Festival is underway, this year being … more >