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Spring days in Vienna

Spring day in Vienna – A celebration for the whole family! Together with your family, you can spend in the market hall in Vienna (Rathausplatz), between 25 to 28 May, wonderful and unforgettable moments, when everywhere are waiting you, many unique attractions … more >

Accommodation Viena Lucinel – Last Minute 1 May

International Day of the working people – May 1 – is this year, extremely generous with those who earn their daily bread by the work and not by speculation or inheritance … An extended weekend of 4 or more days … more >

Andre Rieu Vienna, Accommodation Vienna at Lucinel

You want to see and hear him, the famous Andre Rieu! Now you can accomplish your desire for it! Come  to Vienna on May 8, 2012 ! Hotel Lucinel have an exceptional offer for the lovers of music and culture in Romania. … more >

Vienna Opera Ball

The Vienna Opera Ball is one of the most popular European ball ever. Also the biggest and the spectaculary transformation from the Vienna State Opera. The Opera Ball dates back to the years of 1814,  wenn the diplomats were busy re-drawing the political map … more >

Long night of Museums 2011

Approximately 400 000 visits were welcomed this year at Austria’s largest cultural event, since the initiation of were “ORF Long Night of Museums” in 2000 a total of 3.8 million visits recorded. Most visitors welcomed, as expected, the federal capital Vienna (more … more >

Vienna, Life Ball 2011

Aids largest charitable event in Europe, call today May 21 in front of Vienna’s city hall, hundreds of thousands of guests, including many celebrities who have engaged in relentless fight against HIV disease. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson’s … more >