In the footsteps of Marc Aurel in Vienna. Petronell-Carnuntum millennial city.


In the Land of the Romans – Petronell-Carnuntum

The International Exhibition of Tourism and millennial culture in Austria, opened its doors to visitors from the world-whole on 16 April 2011, when he began one of the largest european touristic an historical event!

On a distance of over 70 km, including Vienna and all the localities on the southern bank of the Danube, to the border with Slovakia and Hungary, hundreds of historical sights awaits more than 2,5 millions visitors !

Over 40 millions Euro have been invested in recent years in the Lower Austria region, especially in Petronell-Carnuntum, the first town built on the present territory of Austria during the first great Roman emperor Augustus, in year 6 after Christus, by Tiberius. The emperor Marc Aurel lived long time in Carnuntum and Vienna (Vindobona) during the wars against Marcomans.

The region is full of historical artifacts, Roman town Carnuntum, being almost completely restored and Archaeological Park invites you to a journey in time through the “Roman Villa, Carnuntium Museum and the Museum of Light. Surprise : A thermal bath with a fully functionality! A taste for spa lovers …

Nearby are the ancient fortress Habsburg Hainburg, one of the oldest and best preserved castles in Europe! Built by Emperor Heinrich III in 1050, on top of a mountain mentioned in the Nibelungssong, the city building along with the “Gate Vienna” between 1220 and 1225 was the biggest and most important fortress in Central Europe!

The museum “Kulturfabik” can be seen from Hainburg exhibits great historical value, many unique documents, and also walk through an equatorial jungle, or you can admire the famous Chinese porcelain!!

Of course the whole region, with an enviable infrastructure, expects thousands of visitors daily in hotels, restaurants and cafes for all tastes. Great shopping centers like Outlet Parndorf or Eco Plus Park from Bruck an der Leitha, attract whit special prices attract fans of shopping! Slovak capital, Bratislava, a major touristic destination, is located nearby, only 10 minutes away by car!

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