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15 minutes to Vienna

Vienna is considered not only the capital of music, but is also first in the world in the aspect of standard of living and quality of life! Cleanliness, order, culture and civilization – these parameters characterize Vienna which is and … more >

Vienna the European capital of culture and civilization

Welcome to Vienna the European capital of culture and civilization! Vienna’s history as a settlement inhabited, is quite old, the first archaeological remains dating back to 4 millennium BC. Danube floodplains of ancient times offered favorable living conditions, resident populations … more >

15 minutes to Parndorf

Parndorf is a town with 3218 inhabitants, situated on the A4 highway, which connects Budapest and Vienna has seen a tremendous growth after the appliance outlet, which promotes tourism and shopping. Lying on an area of 37,000 square meters, the … more >

5 minutes to Danube

The historic city of Vienna was raised only in the south of the Danube, but now he lies on both sides. He was born at the crossroads of major European roads leading in all directions. The Danube forms here more … more >

Shopping at Parndorf and accommodation in Pension Lucinel

Everyone knows this great shopping center located near the A4 highway leading from Vienna, so lately is “visited” by thousands of tourists daily. Opinions are divided lately in the aspect of price, quality and importance of this became so popular … more >

World champion 2011 on Kickboxing, Sorin Asandi

With great pride and great satisfaction, I can afford to let you know my cousin Asandi Sorin, based in France, has won a couple of days ago World Kickboxing Champion! It is a high performance sports reputation, being the first … more >