5 minutes to Danube

The historic city of Vienna was raised only in the south of the Danube, but now he lies on both sides. He was born at the crossroads of major European roads leading in all directions. The Danube forms here more arms, which include numerous river islands.

The Danube is the second longest among the rivers of Europe (after Volga) and stems from the Black Forest (Germany) of two rivers called Brigach and Breg.

They have their source in the tip Kandel (1241m), and join in Donaueschingen (678m) in Fürstenberg castle courtyard. The Danube flows to the southeast over a distance of about 2860 km, to the Black Sea. At the mouth of the river was formed Danube Delta.

Lucinel Guesthouse is situated a few hundred meters from the Danube, in a clean and quiet area meadow near the Danube (about 100 m).

You undertake trips directly from the hostel where tens of kilometers of trails start and landscaped roads that await you in every season of the year!

Summer can take a bath in the Danube.