Shopping at Parndorf and accommodation in Pension Lucinel

Everyone knows this great shopping center located near the A4 highway leading from Vienna, so lately is “visited” by thousands of tourists daily.

Opinions are divided lately in the aspect of price, quality and importance of this became so popular shopping center.

In this year but it seems that the degree of satisfaction of those who were shopping in Parndorf increased considerably! Most of our guests staying at the hostel who were shopping in this week Parndorf evening came very satisfied “prey” done!

Also small restaurants and cafes have appeared in November, where the probe tired clothes, have further to enjoy a quiet coffee or a snack … ieftinaturi season is not over yet and will take about until 10 February.

Once on board the evening were of course greeted with “Hardeners” like everyone’s after!

Also in the hostel atmosphere is something special … probably in a civilized country like Austria, when the Romanian gather together, each offering the very best in “shelf” …. to the great satisfaction of all!