15 minutes to Vienna

Vienna is considered not only the capital of music, but is also first in the world in the aspect of standard of living and quality of life! Cleanliness, order, culture and civilization – these parameters characterize Vienna which is and will remain one of the top three tourist destinations worldwide!

Every day, the beautiful city attracts millions of tourists from the whole world, especially in the month of December when  in the city  are many  Christmas markets! Mulled wine (Punch),  warms the atmosphere and Viennese evenings!

After holiday trips to Vienna have commercial reasons … Shopping to the drop!

During January the Shopping malls are assaulted by buyers from all neighboring countries, including of course Romanians.

Vienna is considered the largest surface area for parks and gardens, which enjoys a significant share of 28.4%, which 117.76 km ². Laks and rivers  are 4.6% represents area of 19.1 km ², being present in greater extent of Burgenland surfaces has built an infrastructure and greatly expanded compared to its surface. 11.3% of the area is allocated to construction, 11.1% represents the area occupied by network traffic, other than rail, which in turn covers 2.2% of the total area of the Land.

Vienna is among the four vine-growing regions. 1.7% of the surface was attributed to viticulture, while forest area covers 16.6%, and agriculture is carried out on 15.8% of the total area of this region.