15 minutes to Parndorf

Parndorf is a town with 3218 inhabitants, situated on the A4 highway, which connects Budapest and Vienna has seen a tremendous growth after the appliance outlet, which promotes tourism and shopping.

Lying on an area of 37,000 square meters, the Parndorf Outlet has 180 stores in 600 brands are comercilaizate.

This park has a three thousand seats and 12 cafés and restaurants.

Product prices by about 30-50%, so it is not surprising that this place is always stormed the shopping lovers.

Between Christmas and New Year prices begin to fall sharply, that after January 3 will be up to

70% discount! Season 2011 has begun, the shops are full!

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A nearby shopping center offers an alternative  for shopping enthusiasts, namely ECO PLUS PARK, which is near the exit of the motorway A 4 “BRUCK OST”