World champion 2011 on Kickboxing, Sorin Asandi

With great pride and great satisfaction, I can afford to let you know my cousin Asandi Sorin, based in France, has won a couple of days ago World Kickboxing Champion! It is a high performance sports reputation, being the first world title at the discipline gain a Romanian warrior! Our joy was unbounded when Sorin was left photographed with the trophy after the final match and the belt gained in battle, being covered with the Romanian flag ! This summer will participate in an international tournament in Vienna, where he will box again against the global elite! On this occasion we will meet for the first time in many years when for a few days we will celebrate and revel in the hostel … In our family sport performance played a decisive role in forming and becoming our future. We all practiced a sport many “male” … wrestling, judo, weightlifting, throwing the weight of the disc, etc., but none of us has reached a global performance as Sorin Asandi my cousin! For such a show sports enthusiasts: If you wish to participate in the tournament live from Vienna, besides tickets 10% cheaper and can offer accommodation at the guesthouse Lucinel .